Thursday, October 29, 2009

Damon Kruezer Tries to Intimidate a Witness

It now seems that in his desperation Kent Barclay AKA Damon Kruezer has started to attack the person he lied to and stole the money from. Why does this not surprise me? It seems that he never does any wrong in his eyes. Even when he got his mother evicted from her apartment it was not his fault. Damon has lied about who he was and what he is for over a decade. In all actuality someone who claims to be this big industry figure has only met maybe 4 or 5 people who are actually associated with it. It is sad that no one seems to think that strange. He has burned bridges only to try and act like it never happened. He sends out the stupid emails to everyone who he has maligned and asks if they can be friends or at least work together for the betterment of the industry.

I got one, so did several other people I know. He is really nothing more than an Internet stalker who will harass models and anyone else just so he can to get noticed. He has scams running on escort sites where he will post the pictures of models that don’t escort and then sets up fake email accounts and tries to scam potential clients out of money. He has lied about making a movie and scammed $11,000.00 dollars from a gentleman and he used the names of Cybersocket, The Advocate and DNA Magazine to boost his credibility and to help him in this fraud. He claims that he is an agent, producer, video director, publicist published writer and reporter as a way to help him run his scams. This has got to stop.

There is a currently case pending with the Internet Fraud Division of the FBI and the Local Police in the California City where the victim lives and the Boston police as well. What Kent is now doing is witness intimidation and it is against the law. He is trying to get the witness to back down and drop the charges.
That might have worked with anyone else but it is not going to work this time. Kent has burned one to many bridges in the industry. His days of making treats of getting people arrested and charged with crimes, filing false claims with the FBI for 2257 violations and harassing models and posting salacious lies on his website are over. He has crossed the line this time and committed grand larceny and interstate wire fraud.

These are serious crimes and he will be put away for them. All of those who aided and abetted him could very well be charged as well. Kent seems to think that this is a joke but it is not. Every time that he [posts another lie about the victim, every time he claims that he is making this move, every time he makes a threat it is being duly noted and it will add to the charges that he is already facing. This is not a warning or a threat it is a fact. You will be arrested for this crime and you can count on that. Every time you do something stupid it is reported.

This started with a disagreement between the victim and a model, that disagreement has now been resolved. But during the disagreement in an unfortunate mistake the victim got Kent Barclay involved. Kent became involved in his usual capacity as an attack dog. Over time he started to gain the trust of the victim and filled his head with lies about a movie that he was going to produce. He led the victim to believe that all of the negative stuff being said about him was just industry jealousy. If you read the emails and heard the voicemails that Kent sent to the victim it would make you sick. Now I know in typical Kent fashion he will try to fabricate emails to say otherwise but the FBI already has the originals taken directly off of the mail servor complete with all of the IP address information.

And now Kent wants to bad mouth the victim and make him out to be the bad guy. He was not so bad when you took his money now was he Kent. No where in the emails does it say that this was a gift. And when he refused to give you anymore money you begged him. How sad you a supposed big industry figure reduced to begging. You even lied and said that the nonexistent boyfriend of yours “Marc” misapplied the funds. Now that is just sick, this is your mothers eviction all over again Kent. You have lied to and about everyone in the industry, you can not tell the truth to save his soul. Kent Barclay is not telling the truth now I have seen the evidence and it will stick. Good bye Kent Barclay the world will be a better place once you are locked up.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Damon is claiming that I am his twin brother EEW

Those of you who have been following this blog know why the name Yves Mignon was chosen. After seeing all of the vile smelly asshole comments that Damon was leaving on my other blog I decided to start to fight back and I stole this sock puppet name from him. It did just what I intended it to do, it pissed Damon/Kent off. This brought me great joy as I could see that I was getting too him but he had no way of attacking me. I am not in porn and I have no secrets and no deep dark hidden skeletons that Damon could exploit to get me to go away.

That is how Damon works he will try and get info on you and then use it to exploit you for his purposes. That does not work with me as many have learned you try and hold something over my head and I will sink your little ship by telling it myself. Any one who knows me knows that. Damon does not know me but he has tried to be sneaky and use some of his phony emails to try and get some dirt on me. After claiming that I stole this name Yves Mignon from his former twink lover in San Francisco and accusing me of being a hater for posting the truth about him on my blog. Damon is now claiming that Yves Mignon is his twin brother. Now this I find funny because he is so caught up in his lies that he can't even remember which ones he has told.

The image you see here was a tweet that Damon left on twitter. The following Email was forwarded to me by someone who does not care for Damon. It would appear that Damon can no longer keep track of his lies and is quit confused from the pressure of trying to maintain his current scam under the close scrutiny of the truth squad. Well to tell you the truth this is a good thing because all of his lies are going to help hang his stupid ass and I relish the day when that happens.

There are so many other emails that I could post but some must be kept private because of the the case against Damon. Oh and Damon you might want to seek some help with that whole incest thing between you and the real Yves Mignon which is not me by the way in case you loyal readers were wondering. Damon Kruezer/Kent Barclay is on seriously disturbed individual who does not seem to get the fact that he is not a part of the gay porn industry. He never was and he never will be and everyones silence on the matter is not helping to get rid of him and is really only hurting themselves.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Damon Kruezer is a broken record stuck on stupid

It would seem that after all of the warnings that we have made to porn models about speaking to Damon Kruezer you would think that they would learn that it is a mistake. But it appears that these guys either can’t learn or refuse to listen to the obvious truth. Damon Kruezer does not have the ability to help boost the careers of these guys but they still talk to him. Why is that? His site only has an industry readership and at the most gets about 100 hits a day. It is a Technicolor nightmare that does not contain any news worth mentioning and a bunch of lies on top of that. The real truth about Damon Kruezer is that he is a scam artist who preys on the unsuspecting talent in an industry that really should protect their models. Many of the models are doing things outside of the industry that are at best skirting the law. But some of the agents and handlers of these models have not informed them that talking to Damon can be dangerous. I have been on the sidelines for a couple of years and I have witnessed how Damon infuses himself in the lives of the models with his lies and promises of fame.

Just take what he has done recently to MJ Taylor, Jason Pitt and Kam Scott. He has told all sorts of lies about them and he still continues to do so. Even after more reputable news sources have interviewed these models and told them the truth about Damon. Yet he still decries that they are lying about their contact with him. The real truth is that not one of them could pick Damon out of a lineup, as they have never seen him. Seems that the only model to have ever met Damon is Matthew Rush. And Damon decided to tell all kinds of lies about him. The Internet is full of nasty freaks and scam artists but Damon is particularly vile because he flaunts his sickness right in front of everyone and he does not seem to care. He thinks that everyone believes his crap and he is a true sociopath who does not care about anyone but himself. He has been doing this for over a decade and it appears that no one really seems to care. As a matter of fact some seem to think it is funny to feed him information to get back at those they have arguments with. This has got to stop and the sooner the better. For all of those who think it is funny when Damon goes after people just wait he will be coming after you soon.

This is not a joke Damon is a dangerous sociopath and he has proven this time and time again. His records show this and it is not a pretty picture. He got his own mother evicted because of his lies, he has destroyed the lives of several models, and he has made false police reports against porn studios. He has harassed and stalked several models most recently Jason Pitt. I think we are all aware of his lies and smear campaigns against Matthew Rush and Angel Skye and Brad Star. His claims that he is an agent and a producer and a director are all lies. His scam about producing "Brad’s buddies" is a joke. The sad truth is that someone fell for that scam and now has filed charges with the FBI’s Internet Fraud division and their local police. I am well aware of this because I assisted this person in doing so. I have read all of the emails that Damon sent him and I have heard the telephone messages and they are full of lies. Damon used this man and filled his head with lies about this movie and he used Cybersocket and The Advocate and DNA magazine and David Forest to boost his credibility.

Now what really pisses me off is that Cybersocket and The Advocate and DNA magazine and David Forest allowed him to use their names after they were all told that it would not be wise. Yet they did nothing about it and now Damon Kruezer AKA Kent Barclay is using them in a way to claim that he matters in the gay porn industry. He is using these Names, websites and publications to further his scams on an unwitting public. As far as I am concerned these publications and websites and people are just as culpable in Damon’s scams and lies as he is. The have given him the credibility to lie to people and steal their money. Not only is he stealing from these people he is using it as a way to push his perversions on unsuspecting young men. And now he is claiming that he has all the sets and a script and he is still casting this pipe dream. It seems that no one is attached to this movie. Just a bunch of talk about models who are all in jail or have been in jail. It would seem that he is casting this epic from the parole board. None of the models that he has mentioned have a voice to deny any part in this movie. Just like his claims that he knew Heath Ledger & Brad Renfro etc and any manner of other dead celebrities none of the people that he is talking about have a voice to deny his claims.
I do not find what he is doing at all funny and Damon has the balls to go on twitter and claim that the money he stole was donated. He is lying and I know because I read the emails and that is categorically not true. No one donated a thing to Damon he lied and stole that money under a fraudulent claim that it was an investment and that it would be repaid. An Investment in a movie that will never be made. Now he has committed interstate wire fraud and he has stolen money and that is a serious crime. Just look at Ryan Foxxx who is sitting in Cook county jail on a $170,000.00 bond for doing something similar. Fraud is no joke and the FBI will come a calling Kentie you can count on that. Oh and Western Union has your picture and they have confirmed this with us. The FBI and the San Leandro police are also aware of this too. I have played whack a mole with you for a couple of years but now it is time to use the big mallet and to crush you as your cons and lies are no longer funny. I am not going to allow you to go on with his any longer. I have made it my mission to bring your fraud out for the public to see. Damon you have been warned, you are going down and I will see to it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Was the Silverlake trip a bust for Damon?

It would appear that through all of his lies and boasting Damon Kruezer has pretty much fallen off the radar. The website that he was so proud of is nothing more than a mere shadow of its former self. It is no longer a guilty pleasure, its not even worth the eyestrain to look at. the Technicolor trash page has lost its edge. No new gossip and no big breaking news stories about the gay community. His stranglehold on the gay porn industry is getting slack. Seems that several models that Damon once thought he had as friends or some sort of control over have turned their collective backs on him. None of the studios pay him any attention with the exception of a few. And they are doing so to cover their collective asses for feeding him degrading information about others in the industry. All of the efforts of the truth squad have gone pretty much unaided by the industry because it would seem that they just don't care or do they?

While in San Francisco attending Pop Goes The Zipper I got some really interesting feedback from everyone I spoke to. First of all they don't even like to mention the name Damon Kruezer. They choose to ignore him and from past experience it just makes Damon crazier. They make jokes about him but never in print. They all thought what we the truth squad were doing was great. Now I can understand the reasons why so many of them don't want to deal with Damon. The truth is Damon is Bat shit crazy. He lives on government assistance, SSI to be exact. He is not a stable person by any stretch of the imagination. He does not live in California like he is claiming he lives in a half way house for the bat shit crazy in Massachusetts. He does not have his own Internet connection like he did before so he only has limited access to the World Wide Web. He can only get online for short periods a day.

I can also understand why the Gay Porn Industry ignores him give Damon an inch and he will try and take a mile. The Advocate learned that and so did Cybersocket (well at least we hope they did) and Unzipped who is a part of Regent media, (yes The Advocate is also apart of that company) has made a point of mentioning Damon Kruezer at least 3 times that I know of and not in a good light. And yeah that kind of pissed Damon off. Also the interview they did with Jason Pitt really sent Damon in a tailspin. Yeah Damon was screaming at the top of his lungs that he was going to the head of Regent Media and to Brandon Baker and who ever else he could think of to get that story removed from unzipped. But it did not work. There is also the little issue he has with Great Atlantic Media.

Seems that Damon was under the belief that he was going to be a featured writer there. Well after several false starts and stupid demands by Damon that deal fell through. Just like the deal he had years ago with Dexx Jones. Damon can not be used because he is crazy. He does not write anything of any use because he always has to be the center of it. Just like that Article that he claims that he wrote for DNA magazine about Zeb Atlas. Yes they gave him credit for it but the article had to be totally rewritten before it could be published. The original movie Brad’s Buddies did not even use the script that Damon submitted he got credit out of charity. Just like the DNA article and Brad buddies Damon has ridden on that for years.

The only reason he got mentioned in that Advocate article is because the writer did not have a clue who Damon was and he got feed a line of bull by Scottie Boardman. Yeah that’s right Mr. cocktails with the stars himself. Yeah seems that Scottie has an issue with Jason Seacrest and he will send Damon info to make Jason look bad. He is also responsible for helping get Damon the Cybersocket nomination as payment to Damon for doing his dirty work. You see how this works. That is just an example of why no one in the industry will lift a fucking finger to rid themselves of Damon Kruezer. Because they all reek of the stench of that asshole.

Damon's latest lies involving his big move to California have basically tied his hands he can not go on any blogs and make his Spam like comments taunting his greatness for fear that his IP address will be tracked and it would be proven that he is not in California but in fact still in the Boston area. His latest lie about going to Brent Everett and Steve Pena’s anniversary party were a joke. No one recognized him because he was in disguise. Get real no one recognized him because he was not there. Surely Aaron Tyler would have known who he was, As Damon claimed they locked eyes in a bar in New York. Jason Pitt would have surely known who Damon was because Damon said they had sex with each other. The truth about the Aaron Tyler and Jason Pitt meeting Damon are lies among the many lies has told over the years.

Just like he never appeared at Cocktails with the stars, or he went to Dana Point or to the Folsom street fair he never goes anywhere he claims he’s going because the truth is he can’t. He does not have a boy friend named “Marc” and he never lived in Tribeca or Dana Point. That address was a rouse to defraud the housing authority of Quincy Mass. It had to do with him getting his mother evicted form her senior housing because he was a squatter there and it was not allowed. As you can see everything about Damon Kruezer is a fraud. In reality he is Kent Barclay and he even tried to steal the ID of a college professor and use it as his own.

If you choose to subject yourself to his heavy breathing phone calls while he tries to get you to discuss your sexual fantasies under the guise of it being an audition for a porn company that he is claiming to work for understand this he is lying to you. He is not affiliated with any reputable porn company nor is he a director or a agent, or a talent scout. He is a Internet stalker and a pervert who stalks his prey on my space and where ever he can find young men with a interest in porn. I have done my part to warn you about Damon Kruezer/Kent Barclay whether you choose to heed this warning is your call.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

From Quincy to SilverLake

Well if you are following the exploits of Damon Kruzer you are painfully aware that he claims to be making the move from his "Tribeca digs" to Silverlake, a district in the Los Angelos area. Seems he is going to go into the production end of the gay porn industry or so he says. But that is not what this little story is all about. Seems that he was supposed to be at Micky’s Cocktails with the stars with David Forest but he was a no show. He was also slated to go to Chi Chi Larue and Sister Roma and the sisters of perpetual indulgence soiree in San Francisco but he was a no show. He also said that he was going to the Folsom street fair but again he was a no show. He said that he was having a house warming party at his new Silverlake home on Saturday but alas he was not even in California.

And now he says that he has Finally made it to sunny California and he is working on casting "Brad buddies II" in Chatsworth as he sets up his new west Coast headquarters in his fabulous new home in Silverlake with "Marc" his lover and their Dog.
Now I don’t want to be a doubting Thomas but I have heard this crap before. Just last year he said that he was at the Cybersocket awards show and we all know the truth about that. But I will cut him some slack on that one. Seems that there were people out to get him and he had to slip out the side door for his own safety.

But he says that he is now in California and he has a security detail with him so he should be safe from all those who threaten him. What is funny is that there are only three people that I know who have ever seen him and they all seem to be not be all that concerned with him. Since none of them have even mentioned his name in years that I know of. But he seems to think that it is necessary to hide from the public.

Now if he wants to be a power player in the gay porn industry and he wants to claim his title as "a guilty pleasure" it would be in his best interest to show who he is. Also he would greatly improve his credibility in the industry as well. I mean how do you expect a model to introduce them self to you if they don’t know who you are. For 11 years Damon Kruezer has been making claims that he is the voice of the gay community and the he has unfiltered news and that he scoops his rivals but he is still hiding behind a cloak of secrecy deception and lies. I really just wonder if he is really all that he claims to be or is he just like the wizard form oz, all smoke and mirrors and fire and other shit to intimidate.

As far as i’m concerned he really does not matter to the gay porn industry any more. People like him went away long ago and those who remain are a dying breed. With all of the bloggers out there doing reviews of porn and all the talent who have there own web pages what is the use for a dinosaur like him anymore. He does not go to any events and as far as I know he never has. He just sits around hoping for some lame as director or vindictive producer to send him some dirt to print. Funny that does not even work for him anymore. Nothing new on his website but some crap about his big move west. Seems that the industry that he claims to be a part of has not even mentioned this historic event. but then again the never mention anything to do with Damon Kruezer now do they.

So as far as I’m concerned it would appear that this is another one of his lies that he has concocted to give himself a bit of credibility. Too bad it did not work out that way for him. Ever since he had his melt down about the Unzipped interview with Jason Pitt. He has been directing his twitter attacks on Regency Media and Jason Pitt and MJ taylor. What is equally funny is that they are ignoring him and making him look like more of a fool that he already did. Now that is the sad thing about all of this. Damon Kruezer has claimed that he has had personal contact with Jason Pitt (something that Jason denies). And he claims that he was responsible for the breakup between he and MJ Taylor (a fact that he seems proud of).
Now I ask you would you want to have anything to do with a wannabe director lying fake agent and porn insider like this guy?

Brad's Buddies a synopsis

Well Damon Kruezer finally reared his ugly head and he claims to be off to chatsworth. The armpit of LA to start shooting his pipe dream oops I mean movie "Brads Buddies" with a stellar cast. I hear he is in negotiation with Harlow and Joe of the Pennsylvania penal system and Marcus Allen of the Colorado penal system and those two twins who rob houses with their mamas help. I hear Mark Dalton and Ryan Foxxx are filming their scenes tomorrow and Zeb Atlas is going to do a cameo. He will be reading the DNA magazine article Kentie wrote in his scene. I hear that there is going to be allot of dialogue all about how great Damon Kruezer is and I have a advanced copy of the script.

Dewyane, Mark Adams, JC Adams, Mark Wilson Jason Curious and I are all raked over the coals in this scintillating tale of sex corruption and intrigue.

Seems it is about Brad and his friend who kill a rival porn producer and the all the blogs who come out of nowhere to report on it and how we all ganged up on the only one who knows the real story (damon). How Brad is innocent (Harlow) and his buddy (Joe) did the deed. All the while Zeb Atlas (who has a cameo) is reading the article that kentie wrote (there was a massive rewrite to make the article readable) and quoting the stellar job of writing kentie did.

Mark Dalton and Ryan Foxxx have a sordid scene that takes place at the print shop where the have to work overtime to keep up with the demand for the magazine article about Zeb Atlas. They have sex on a printing press. Mean while the robbing twins who are in jail are having a 3 way with Joe Kerekes and using big nasty looking toys on each other.

Brad (Harlow) gets transferred to Colorado because of threats to the same prison as Marcus Allen and they become cellmates and they fall in love and have hot steamy prison sex. Meanwhile the article on zeb atlas wins a Pulitzer price and Damon takes the money and gets Brad (Harlow) released after an appeal where he testifies on Brad (harlow's) behalf.

Damon gets Brad (Harlow) and he a place in Silverlake. Brad (Harlow) can't stand to be away from Marcus Allen and he robs a 7/11 to go back to prison to be with Marcus. Damon is distraught and he goes on to be a more vicious blogger because he left Marc(flipper) for Brad (Harlow) and now Marc would never speak to him again.

Now in silverlake and depressed Damon starts writing cheap trash for the Internet' worst websites because his muse has rejected him and he slams him every chance he gets. From what I have read it looks like it is based loosely on true events as told only in the Kruezer style. With blatant lies as the main objective.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mark wilson and Damon's money lies.

Damon is accusing me of altering emails but he is now busted again for his lies as the email that he claims Mark @ Great Atlantic Media promised him a check is a lie. Damon boldly makes that claim on his bastardized site gorgeous He poses a email of which of I was also sent as proof of Mark's promise. Well I will call him a liar straight up and I am posting proof of this right here.

Mark Wilson to me, show details Apr 23


FRIDAY 12/ET 9PT ----- Original Message ----- From: Mark Wilson To: Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009 12:19 AMSubject: Re: Back in the saddle

Hello there. Yes, I'm back with a vengeance. Has a few days of terrible headaches from getting myself into a low blood sugar rut. How would you feel about doing a F&Q before the fans in an open chat on Friday night 4/25 ? This would of course be an open event hosted on J1HM. The questions would be posed by the readers. I would ask you to very honest about whatever questions you selected to answer. I'd like to do this to open up the pipes a little before the big debut which I think we will be ready to start propagation with on sunday night/monday morning. Let me know via email what you think of this and I'll have the boys broadcast the time of the event. I'm thinking midnight eastern - 9 pm west coast.
The questions may be mean - but I think this will be a good buffer before we unveil the big announcement.

Mark Wilson----- Original Message ----- From: To: TheBoss Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 11:59 PMSubject: Back in the saddle

Mark, Nice to see you back in the saddle. I like what you say about the Religious Right. Interesting that Dexx and Rob continue to see me everywhere including posts from the real Yves who is certainly not me. For people who claim to know the truth, they're very bad on the facts. I hope that someone will challenge them to prove what they claim, then again it shows the level of anticipation about what KRUEZER's TRADE is going to look like - and its content. I have many ideas for Kruezer's Trade and will be happy to discuss them with you and members of your team. Hopefully your check will arrive tomorrow. Thank you again for that and for the opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade we can sell at the GAM stand. Best,

DAMON KRUEZER, Publisherwww.kruezeratnight.comNationally Quoted industry reporter "THE ADVOCATE" May 2009Cybersocket Award Nominee "Best Blog" February 2009DNA Magazine article "Alpha Male - Zeb Atlas" as seen on Zeb's paysitecel: 917-319-8821TWITTER: BLOG: http://blog.kruezeratnight.comEMALES:

As far as Damon mentioning the check from Mark this is explained in this email posted here . There was never any deal as Damon claims. It was to be a loan for Damon and Damon did not follow through on his end of the bargain. This is not the first time that someone has tried to help Damon. This post just gives you a small peak at the type of person that Damon Kruezer really is.

Damon Kruezer AKA Kent Barclay is a liar and a fraud and he is nothing more than a Internet stalker who preys on young and unsuspecting models with his lies of fame and fortune. He is not a reporter, he is not a publisher, he is not well connected to the industry and the industry will not even mention his name.

Damon will try to twist all of the truths told about him and make it seem like he has done no wrong. He calls all of us who tell the truth about him haters and accuses us of being a gay mafia and he claims that we have a anti gay agenda but if you look at what he does all of those names can be directly attributed to him.